Why And How TV Was Decoded

Coming on the back of the India adspends degrowth in 2019 second half, the pandemic dealt a big blow to advertising. Undoubtedly, print bore the brunt of the C-19 impact, followed by Radio. Digital has had a field day, in terms of media consumption and ecommerce. Digital Spends too have got a good boost, but it will take some time to translate the digital consumption into a commensurate huge spike in paid media. On the other hand, at about 37% of Total Spends, Television is pretty much the mainstay. The massive rise in News viewership saw a commensurate thrust on the News Genre from Advertisers. In Aug-Oct, IPL led a bounce back to get the advertising on a much better wicket. Live Telecast of IPL, in many ways has helped in the kickstart of advertising during festive. So, decoding TV led bounce back helps us understand many facets of Indian Advertising. While we will look at the spends trend based on prevailing rates during the various pandemic phases, Ad Volumes help in a detailed understanding of the Strategies deployed.

Care has to be taken, however to do a like to like comparison. So, IPL of 2019 to be compared with IPL 2020(though it was in festive). And general entertainment/news separately for same period.

I have looked at Average monthly commercial airtime by Key Channel Genres. We looked at the top-rated channels in each genre as a group, which contribute to 75-85% genre revenue. So, Genres detailed are: Top 4 Hin GEC1 channels, next 4 Hin GEC2, 6 Hin Mov, 6 Hin News, 4 E News, 12 Reg News, 5 Eng Mov, and 15 Regional Channels of South, Marathi and Bengali. Bal are grouped as Long Tail. 10 months of 2020 are compared with the corresponding period of 2018 and 2019.Till 30th October, 50 IPL matches were completed, so IPL is compared with 50 matches of 2019

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The Ratings Tangle:All 3 standpoints lead to Nullity

By Shripad Kulkarni

The current ‘scam’ on TV Ratings is suddenly primetime news, topic of newspaper editorials and has of course rattled the advertising and marketing industry a little. I want to look at this as a marketing communications industry event. For clarity, I will not be looking into the ethics of news journalism or the stance news channels have taken on India’s political affairs. These are very different discussions. So, let’s look at the ‘event’ from three standpoints in the marcom ecosystem viz the research science behind it, the users of this data and the direct stakeholders in the event. I have looked at the research science behind it and its challenges and their implications. Next, a look at the relevance and role in decision-making of this data for users. And thirdly, how it will play out for the direct stakeholders in play, the TV channels and the external regulatory system. Logically examining the implications of this event from each standpoint, we can conclude that each leads to ‘Nullity’!